Carcass ex Regadas unveils Monstrance


Ex Carcass guitarist Carlo Regadas has unveiled his new band, Monstrance.

it features his former Devoid colleague Tony Glover on vocals, and old friend Ian Treacy of Benediction on drums. They’re currently writing for their first album after bouncing material around for several years.

Regadas – who replaced Michael Amott in Carcass in 1994 – says: “Everything about this band has been done with a lot of thought. There was never any intention of looking for huge, well-known musicians from the genre. it was more important to find good people.

“I’ve been asked a lot, ‘is it death metal?’ To me, it’s just metal, albeit with downtuned guitars and extreme vocals. I guess if it’s going to be categorised, it will probably be labelled as melodic death metal or something like that.”

The trio will be joined by two additional members for live performances. More details will be made available via the Monstrance Facebook page.