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Cannibal Corpse Rob tells of Russia tour problems

Cannibal Corpse guitarist Rob Barrett says "a wall" has been put in the way of metal bands in Russia.

His band were forced to cancel three out of eight dates on their recent Russian tour, with a fourth gig being pulled halfway through the show.

The cancellations came about after complaints from a religious group called God’s Will, who object to the land’s lyrics. Other acts including Behemoth and Cradle Of Filth have also been affected.

Barrett tells Kaaos TV: “We tried to do eight shows in Russia, but ended up only doing four and a half due to some problems over there with somebody that was getting our shows shut down.

“So we actually only were able to do four full shows and then we got stopped half way through a fifth one. But at least we got to do more than half, so that was a success in itself.

“We didn’t get arrested or deported. Other than that, the shows were really good over there. The shows that we weren’t allowed to play, we actually stuck around and did a signing and took pictures with a bunch of people just so then they didn’t feel like we were just leaving and not really caring about them.”

On the supposed involvement of the God’s Will movement, Barrett says: “I don’t really wanna say my full opinion about it, but it seems at least over there that the wall is back up, you just can’t see it.”

A number of Cannibal Corpse fans were arrested at the band’s show in Nizhny Novgorod on November 10 and charged with disorderly conduct or being drunk in public.

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