Cannibal Corpse accused of blasphemy

Cannibal Corpse could be banned from performing in Russia after a religious movement accused them of blasphemy.

The band have a history of falling foul of authorities. They were the subject of a US political campaign in 1995 which aimed to have them dropped from their label. The following year their records were banned from being sold in Australia, and remain restricted today. They’ve also been the victims of a sales ban in Gerrmany.

Cannibal Corpse are set to commence a Russian tour on October 2, to promote 13th album A Skeletal Domain, launched last week.

But Dimitry Tsorionov, the head of the God’s Will movement is leading a bid to have the tour scrapped. He says: “We sent the prosecutor the description of the concerts. Their songs describe in detail and rape and murder of children.

“We will try to resolve this issue with the help of law enforcement. If it does not work there may be a mass protest in various forms.”

The band have frequently protested their innocence, arguing there’s a “dark humour” to their lyrics. Last month frontman Corpsegrinder said: “We’re always a little bit annoyed when people think we’re writing serious songs for people to read and be crazy. They’re just stories. It’s a short story with music – a horror film with a metal soundtrack.”

Russian authorities recently passed stringent anti-blasphemy laws, introducing fines and prison sentences for those who offend religious beliefs. Behemoth were jailed then kicked out of the country while attempting a tour in May. The following month, Marilyn Manson, who lost one show through a bomb scare and another as a result of religious concerns.