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Cannibal Corpse tracks are 'mini horror movies'

Cannibal Corpse singer George Fisher says the band's new songs are individual mini horror stories.

He adds that fans shouldn’t take the lyrics too seriously. The band release 13th album A Skeletal Domain on September 15.

‘Corpsegrinder’ tells Artisan News: “We’re always a little bit annoyed when people think that we’re writing serious songs for people to read and be crazy. They’re just stories. It’s a short story with music, a horror film with a metal soundtrack.”

The singer says recording the album was a challenge as it was almost impossible to get the entire band together for any length of time.

He adds: “The biggest challenge was that all of us were doing so much different stuff throughout the process that we weren’t really together much recording it, except for the drums. I did my vocals with Alex and Paul because they wrote lyrics for certain songs. So just being together all at once, it probably worked out for the best.”

A Skeletal Domain tracklist

  1. High Velocity Impact Spatter 2. Sadistic Embodiment 3. Kill Or Become 4. A Skeletal Domain 5. Headlong Into Carnage 6. The Murderer’s Pact 7. Funeral Cremation 8. Icepick Lobotomy 9. Vector Of Cruelty 10. Bloodstained Cement 11. Asphyxiate To Resuscitate 12. Hollowed Bodies

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