Cain thrilled by Perry's return to live performing

Steve Perry’s return to live performing is "great" says former bandmate and current Journey keyboard player Jonathan Cain.

A return to vocal duties with Journey has long been rumoured, but for now Perry’s appearances with Eels in recent months is enough for fans, and for Cain, to get excited.

Perry sang with Eels during a May gig in Minnesota, his first live appearance since the 1990s.

Cain tells Michael Cavacini: “I think it’s great that he broke the ice and went out with the Eels and performed. I think it needed to happen. You get a monkey off your back. You get out in front of the people and feel what that feels like.

“I’m very happen for him that he has embraced this concept of, ‘This is who I am today and I don’t sing like I used to sing.’ I think he’ll enjoy it and embrace it.

“He deserves to be out there on stage. I think it’s wonderful. I could never understand why he seemed to be in recluse mode, hiding away somewhere. When you’re Steve Perry, one of the greatest voices of all time, you should be on a stage where you belong.

“So, good for him. I’m happy he’s out there flexing his chops.”

During the interview Cain also echoed an earlier suggestion Journey may turn their back on releasing new music in the future as it’s not want he reckons the fans want.

He adds: “It’s a lot of money to make a CD. Unless we’re able to go back in and give people what they want, it doesn’t make sense. And they want the old stuff – and they already have the old stuff.”

Perry performed a pair of Journey classics during his set with Eels – Open Arms and Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin.