Bury Tomorrow wrote Earthbound in 6 weeks on tour

Bury Tomorrow admit that they wrote their upcoming record Earthbound in six weeks while on tour – compared to eight months with their last release, Runes.

In a TeamRock Radio interview with vocalist Dani Winter-Bates and guitarist Kristan Dawson, the pair say that they wrote the album inbetween gigs and on the road.

Vocalist Dani Winter Bates tells TeamRock’s Pete Bailey: “We wrote it on tour in six weeks, whereas last time we wrote it over eight months. Any quiet place we could find, like a tourbus or a corridor.

“It felt like it had that live atmosphere to the music, because we were on tour and always so busy. It felt like it came naturally. From a songwriter’s perspective, I tried to make each song feel like an adventure rather than going to a corner shop for a pint of milk.

“It’s more of a serious effort, and hopefully that translates across.”

Bates also says that metalcore is a good gateway genre for younger fans – comparing it to the huge success of nu-metal in the early 2000s.

He says: “It has a stigma around it from more metal people because of the melodic side, but I think that’s a major strength. It’s mainstream in places, but as far as people who aren’t into metal go, it can be a stepping stone into metal.

“When people listened to Alexisonfire and they weren’t into screaming, suddenly they’d move into Killswitch, then into As I Lay Dying. I think thats the best thing about metalcore.”

Bury Tomorrow, who released the promo video for Last Light on January 9, will be touring Europe with Australian outfit Parkway Drive – kicking off in Wurzburg, Germany on January 22.

Earthbound is out on January 29 via Nuclear Records.

Pete Bailey’s The Playlist podcast interview with Bury Tomorrow is available for free on iTunes.

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