Brian Eno’s Rams soundtrack to be released for Record Store Day

Brian Eno
(Image credit: Paul Stolper Gallery)

Brian Eno’s Rams: Original Soundtrack will be available for the very first time on August 29, as part of Record Store Day 2020.

Eno's score accompanies the 2018 documentary of the same name about the industrial designer Dieter Rams, which explores his life and legacy. Rams is best known for designing items for the consumer brand Braun, such as the SK-4 record player and the high-quality 'D'-series of 35mm film slide projectors. 

Documentary director Gary Hustwit says he asked Eno to write the original score because of “a connection between Dieter's design sensibility and Brian’s music."

The LP contains 11 unreleased instrumentals and comes packaged in a simple sleeve and pressed on heavyweight white vinyl.

Track listing
A1. Bright Clouds of Metal
A2. Harmonic Guitar
A3. Unusual Temperament
A4. A Warm Sweet Bed
A5. Beautiful Metals
A6. Designer Piano
B1. Generative Lounge
B2.  Design as Reduction
B3. Al’Khwarizmi Piano
B4. Shimmering Future
B5. For A New Design