Breasts, puppies, cunning disguises and Lederhosen: Rammstein's bonkers video for Dicke Titten is here

(Image credit: Rammstein)

Following on from last month's release of Zeit, Rammstein have dropped the video for new single Dicke Titten.

If you’re not familiar with the German language, or at least, haven’t yet versed yourself in Rammstein translations, Dicke Titten actually means ‘big boobs’ in English. So, as expected, the video we’ve been treated to is understandably full of, erm, big boobs. How delightful.

It also features adorable puppies, wood chopping, hunting, Till Lindemann wearing a majestic old man disguise, and plenty of scenes showing the band decked out in the traditional German garment Lederhosen (a look they’ve been known to sport in the past).

Of course, as with Rammstein's other videos, we haven’t got a clue what’s going on. To get some idea though - as we’re sure the song isn’t actually a celebration of large breasts - we recently spoke to an Oxford Professor for her thoughts on the meaning behind the songs on the new album. Of Dicke Titten, this is what Professor of Modern German Literature Karen Leeder had to say: 

"Girls don’t need to be rich or smart, the message goes, they just need big tits. The image of the ageing man losing hope and hair and fantasising about massive mammaries is rendered with tongue in cheek pathos.

“But the oddity of this song is the way the jolly seaside smut sits alongside excursions into (Rammstein favourite) Wagner or Gottfried Benn and self-consciously ironic rhymes."

That's that cleared up then.

Check out the video below:

Rammstein are currently on tour. They're worth seeing.

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