Bowling For Soup re-record their first 10 years

Bowling For Soup are gearing up to release an 18-track compilation album featuring new recordings of 18 old tracks.

Songs People Actually Liked Vol 1: The First Ten Years was funded by a successful pledge campaign, and sees the pop-punk outfit revisiting material originally laid down between 1994 and 2003.

And they decided to re-record as a way of escaping a legal loophole after falling out with their former record label.

BFS explained: “A few years ago we got dropped. A few weeks after this happened ‘The Man’ released a greatest hits on their own. We didn’t even know the album existed until months later. So we decided to do it right!”

They emphasised that the original arrangements have been kept, but add: “We really wanted a chance to bring our older material to life with better recordings – not to mention the fact that we sorta know how to play our instruments now!”

Frontman Jaret Reddick says: “It’s been so cool to hear these songs come to life again, and all in one place. It’s amazing what 20 years of playing, singing and technology can do – everything sounds amazing!”

Songs People Actually Like Vol 1 is launched on January 26.


  1. The Last Rock Show

  2. Suckerpunch

  3. Emily

  4. Girl All The Bad Guys Want

  5. You and Me

  6. The Bitch Song

  7. Scope

  8. 2113

  9. Punk Rock 101

  10. Belgium

  11. Life After Lisa

  12. Cody

  13. Thirteen

  14. Dance With You

  15. KoolAid

  16. Pictures He Drew

  17. Sandwich

  18. 20 Years (That’s a Lot Of Beers)

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