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Body Count Institutionalized

Body Count have released a video for their cover version of the Suicidal Tendencies classic Institutionalized. It’s taken from last year’s Manslaughter album, the band’s fifth.

When the cover version was first announced, Body Count frontman Ice-T told Esquire, “Body Count gives nothing but respect to Suicidal, because they were the first West Coast band to kinda bring that gangbanger thing to rock. It was skater-gangster. I wanted to pay homage to them. At the end of our version of Institutionalized I say “Suicidal!” because I don’t want anyone for one minute thinking I invented that or am trying to pass it off that way. I don’t need to. That one rocks in concert, too.” The lyrics have been updated to include references to the X-Box and Indian call centres.

Last May, Body Count released a video for Talk Shit, Get Shot, and in December the band were confirmed for Download 2015.