Body Count cover Suicidal Tendencies


Body Count have given Suicidal Tendencies classic Institutionalized an update – with Ice T modernising the original lyrics to include Xbox, web passwords and vegans.

The track comes from upcoming fifth album Manslaughter, to be released on Monday. T recently told Spin of the 13-tracker: “Manslaughter is me going against the pussification of men right now. It has nothing to do with gay men, it’s just ‘men’ men. Political correctness has just gone into them being soft about every fucking thing. I miss the old days when men stood for something.”

But he added that didn’t mean anything negative about woman, citing his lyrics in the track Bitch In The Pit: “She doesn’t give a fuck, she’s harder than men.” He went on: “I’m just trying to put balls back in the game – whether it’s female balls or men balls.”

Body Count: Institutionalized