DeLonge in Blink return hint


Tom DeLonge has hinted that he could return to Blink-182 – even though they’re about to start recording with Matt Skiba.

The Alkaline Trio frontman replaced DeLonge for a handful of shows earlier this year after he split acrimoniously with Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker.

But his position remains unclear, with his insistence that he never left the band, and Barker’s call for him to “man up” and confirm his departure.

Skiba will take part in studio work next month – but DeLonge has suggested he’s not done with the band.

Asked what it would take for Blink-182 to start making music again, DeLonge tells Nerdist: “Probably just a few phone calls.”

He recently outlined plans to work on four albums and 15 novels, adding that those commitments had been at the root of his disagreement with Hoppus and Barker.