Black metal documentary Blackhearts gets DVD release


The black metal documentary Blackhearts has been given a DVD release date.

The film focuses on the lives of three black metal fans from Iran, Colombia and Greece as they “risk their life, end up in jail and sell their soul to Satan as they pursue the dream of bringing their band to the unholy birthplace of black metal – Norway.”

It premiered in the UK last year at the Picturehouse Central in Piccadilly, London. It’ll now launch on DVD on April 11 via Soundview Media Partners.

Blackhearts is said to take “a fresh look at the notorious Norwegian black metal music scene – but from a striking new angle. It travels to South America, Europe and the Middle East to follow three black metal diehards who hail from extreme religious and political backgrounds.

“Hector, Kaiadas and Sina are willing to risk alienation, imprisonment – even death – to play black metal and live by its ideology. They worship the Norwegian black metal music they have modelled their lives around.

“Blackhearts takes its audience deep into the minds, hearts and private lives of its characters. It explores how a music scene develops across religious, cultural and political lines – and provides comic relief on the things humans say, think and do when hijacked by passion.”

Watch a trailer for the documentary below and visit the official Blackhearts website for further info.

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