Bill Nelson announces new "loud, edgy" new album Powertron

Bill Nelson
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Be-Bop Deluxe and Red Noise founder Bill Nelson has announced that he will release a new solo album, Powetron, through his own Sonoluxe label on May 5.

The 12-track Powetron was originally recorded back in 2016, but has been languishing in Nelson's vaults since then, although Nelson did announce the album's impending release in an interview in issue 148 of Prog Magazine (featuring Tangerine Dream on the cover).

The prolific musician has just released two more solo albums, Twilight Stories and All The Fun Of The Fair, both through Sonoluxe.

"Its genesis came whilst recording tracks for The Jewel album," Nelson reveals about Powertron. "Amongst these was a track titled Drive Shaft which I considered too brash for The Jewel, but too good to abandon. I decided to create a suitable album to house Drive Shaft and Powertron was the result. It’s an album of left-field rock songs, mainly vocal but layered with loud and edgy guitars. It will appeal to those who enjoy the wilder side of my work."

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Bill Nelson

(Image credit: Sonolux Records)

Bill Nelson: Powetron
1. Fascinating Noise
2. A River On The Edge Of Time
3. Dreams And Smoke (Flow With The River)
4. The Moon Came In My Window
5. Where's The Wonder?
6. Loose Chippings
7. When I Don't Feel Blue
8. Moments In The Day
9. Fair Winds And Steam Machines
10. Sailing My Boat
11. Laughing Sailors, Raging Seas
12. Drive Shaft

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