Ben Craven heads for Critical Mass

Australian singer/songwriter Ben Craven has released his latest single Critical Mass Part 2.

And he’s launched it via his digital TuneLeak platform, which allows artists to release tracks at various stages in their development.

The single will feature on Craven’s upcoming third full-length recording, tentatively titled Last Chance To Hear – the follow-up to 2011’s Great & Terrible Potions. And he reveals he’s trying a new business model so he can involve fans throughout the recording process.

Craven explains: “This project is being driven by music industry commentators saying the album is dead. I agree it’s an endangered species, at least commercially.

“As a musician and a listener, I’m very attached to the concept of albums as coherent collections of songs and all the emotional ties we make with them. So for this album I’m trying a different business model where I can engage the audience at every step of the recording process, officially leak songs well before they’re finished, and hopefully even get paid!”

He continues: “Critical Mass Part 2 is a short, sharp instrumental, and sounds like outer-space spy music. There is of course a Part 1 and I’ll be leaking that track very soon as well!”