Axed Eluveitie members speak out


Discarded Eluveitie members Merlin Sutter and Anna Murphy have given their take on the split.

The Swiss metal outfit last week confirmed they will part ways with drummer Sutter, singer and hurdy gurdy player Murphy and guitarist Ivo Henzi after next month’s Nijmegen Fortarock Festival in the Netherlands.

They put the departures down to rising tension within the band and the “different goals, wishes and ideas” of each member.

Now Sutter and Murphy have spoken about the split and revealed they are already working together with Henzi on a new project.

Sutter says: “The decision to leave was not mine, and those who took it might not understand it any better than my friends, who were not given the opportunity to debate it.

“It is most certainly even harder to understand, and impossible to judge, for anyone else.”

On the future with Henzi and Murphy, Sutter adds: Our musical journey together is far from over - we are, in fact, working on new music as you are reading this. I am beyond excited to explore what’s next, and I hope you feel the same way.”

Murphy says: “For 10 years, Eluveitie has been at the very centre of my life. I did not want to leave, but was left with no other choice.

“The particulars of what happened should remain internal. I can say, however, that grave personal conflict lies at the heart of it. In my view, these conflicts could have only been resolved by taking a break altogether. My corresponding proposal was declined.”

The trio will honour live commitments with the band until June 5, after which temporary replacements will fill in until permanent appointments are made.