Aristocrats to launch live sets

The Aristocrats, featuring Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann, have confirmed the launch of two live albums, ahead of sessions for their third studio work.

Culture Clash Live will be available as a CD/DVD, with only three tracks common to both discs. It was recorded during the band’s Culture Clash world tour and features material from six different locations in three different continents. It arrives on January 20.

It’s accompanied by the release of Secret Show: Live In Osaka, an unedited 2CD set they didn’t know was being recorded until their sound man told them after the show. The limited edition title will only be available via their website and merch tables at shows, with the first 1000 copies signed by the trio.

Govan says: “Every time we play a song live, it seems to evolve slightly. However hard we try to capture definitive versions in the studio, the true nature of any composition reveals itself during the subsequent touring process.”

Minnemann adds: “I remembered sitting in a van on our ride to one of our shows, listening to one of the songs – which I usually avoid, because it’s sort of like looking in the mirror trying to fix your hair or something. I remember saying out loud, ‘Hey, we’re actually not that bad!’ You sometimes just got to let go and enjoy the real-time moments without questioning them.”

The Aristocrats will commence studio work in California next month, after a four-show residency in Alvas Showroom, San Pedro, where they’ll work out the material for the sessions. Release information will be confirmed in due course.

Culture Clash CD tracklist

  1. Sweaty Knockers (Whittier, CA, USA)

  2. Ohhhh Noooo (Whittier, CA, USA)

  3. Get It Like That (Whittier, CA, USA)

  4. Culture Clash (Whittier, CA, USA)

  5. Gaping Head Wound (Whittier, CA)

  6. Louisville Stomp (Manchester, UK)

  7. Desert Tornado (Bangkok, Thailand)

  8. Living The Dream (Zoetermeer, NL)

Culture Clash DVD tracklist

  1. Furtive Jack (Tokyo, Japan)

  2. Ohhhh Noooo (Bangkok, Thailand)

  3. Lousville Stomp (Manchester, UK)

  4. Get It Like That (Tokyo, Japan)

  5. Culture Clash (Bangkok, Thailand)

  6. Blues Fuckers (Mexico City, MX)

  7. Gaping Head Wound (Mexico City, MX)

  8. Desert Tornado (Bangkok, Thailand)

  9. Living The Dream (Zoetermeer, NL)

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