Are Trivium teasing something big?

(Image credit: Roadrunner Records)

Trivium are teasing something. We're not entirely sure yet what it is they're teasing, but whatever it is, they've got us all wildly intrigued.

Yesterday, the Floridian metallers posted a puzzling image of a book floating in the sea with the caption: '"The stars have died and the Heavens go up in flames"...' Fans were quick to investigate and before long, they started piecing theories together. Many were pondering whether the cryptic clues could mean new music – specifically, something in aid of the 10 year anniversary of 2011's album In Waves.

Following the image, Trivium posted a video earlier today (July 6) of the floating book being pushed along the water, in between frames of oozing liquid, light flares from a film camera, the eye of some type of reptilian creature and the caption from yesterday's image. There's also the initial's I.T.C.O.T.D placed underneath, with ominous music playing out in the background.

What could it all mean? Check back for updates as we get them.

Check out Trivium's teaser posts below:

Liz Scarlett

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