Anvil 'halfway through' new documentary


Anvil are “halfway through” filming their new documentary.

Though they’re keeping details of the as-yet-untitled film under wraps, the Canadian metal veterans say it’s nothing like 2008’s Anvil! The Story of Anvil.

Frontman Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow tells MetalTalk: “We’re not talking about it, because there’s no point, because it’s a long way off. The filming is about halfway through, and it’s not done yet. So what are we talking about? It’s gotta get done first.”

Drummer Robb Reiner adds: “We’re really busting at the seams to tell people about a lot of it, but it’s just not the right time to get into it, that’s all. But when it comes out, it’s gonna, I think, surprise the shit out of everybody.”

After The Story of Anvil showed the band changing their own lives, Lips says the new film will show them changing everyone else’s.

He adds: “It’s not gonna be what you expect it to be. Part of it is what happened after the first movie, but, really, where it’s gonna go from there is nothing like the first one at all.

“The first movie was all about our internal aspect and how we’re gonna get somewhere and how we’re gonna change our lives – now it’s gonna be really about how we’re gonna change everybody else’s. I mean, that’s the best way to describe it.”

The pair also confirm they’ve written six new songs for the follow-up to this year’s album Anvil Is Anvil and say they’ll begin recording their 17th record next year.

Further release details will be revealed in due course.

Anvil are currently touring mainland Europe.

Anvil tour dates 2016

Nov 04: Sandnes Tribute, Norway
Nov 05: Fosser Oeak Metal Club, Norway
Nov 06: Stockholm Debaser Strand, Sweden
Nov 10: Amstelveen P 60, Netherlands
Nov 11: Bochum Matrix, Germany
Nov 12: Weissenhauser Strand Metal Hammer Paradise, Germany
Nov 13: Landgraaf Oefenbunker, Netherlands
Nov 15: Lyon Ninksi Kao, France
Nov 16: Calenzano Cycle, Italy
Nov 17: Roma Jailbreak, Italy
Nov 18: Erba Centrale, Italy
Nov 19: Padova Bullet, Italy
Nov 20: Borgo Priolo Dagda, Italy

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