Andy Jackson trails 73 Days At Sea


Andy Jackson has streamed a sampler for upcoming album 73 Days At Sea.

The Grammy-winning Pink Floyd engineer and co-producer will released the title via Esoteric Antenna on January 29.

It features guest appearances from former Van der Graaf Generator man David Jackson and Panic Room’s Anne-Marie Helder.

Andy Jackson says of the follow-up to 2014’s Signal To Noise: “I spent some time travelling back and forth to the sea – the edge of the world – while I was working on projects for others. I noticed in myself a sense of nostalgia each time I went there, as if revisiting a childhood home. I have never lived near the sea and I’ve scarcely been to this particular place before. Still, the false nostalgia persisted.

“I resolved that I would write a suite of songs concerning the sea. It seems to occupy a pivotal place in our subconscious. Eventually it became clear that the entire album was to be the ‘sea suite’, albeit that direct mention was sometimes fleeting.”

73 Days At Sea is available for pre-order now, in a two-disc set that includes a 5.1 surround mix.


  1. Like You
  2. Ships Of Dreams
  3. Type 2 Error
  4. Ballooning
  5. Type 1 Error
  6. Lighthouse
  7. Legends Of Mysterious Apes
  8. The Gyre
  9. Drownings
  10. Black Sailed Unfamiliar