Alter Bridge X boxset finally finished


Alter Bridge have announced their delayed 10th anniversary boxset is ready to ship.

The delayed Alter Bridge X package – originally scheduled for a spring release – is finally complete and orders are being sent out, according to a video released by the band.

Alter Bridge took pre-orders on the limited edition package, which includes personalised engraving, a coffee table book, 16 DVDs or Blu-rays, seven CDs and four vinyl records.

The set was limited to 3000 worldwide and there are still some available via the band’s website.

Alter Bridge hit the road with a 13-date US tour starting on October 4.

Alter Bridge X boxset

DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs

  1. Live From Amsterdam Concert & Documentary 2. Live From Amsterdam Concert & Documentary Blu-Ray 3. Live From Wembley Concert 4. Live From Wembley Documentary- ‘The Road To Wembley’ 5. Live From Wembley Concert Blu-Ray 6. Webisodes 2009-2013 7. Interviews with Myles Kennedy and Scott Phillips 8. Interviews with Mark Tremonti and Brian Marshall 9. Download Festival 2005 & 2011 10. Pinkpop Festival 2011 11. One By One Documentary (from AB 3.5) 12. Inside The Fortress Documentary 13. Fortress Tour 2013 Webisodes 14. Greenfield Festival 2005 15. Music Videos 2004-2013 16. European Fortress Tour 2013 ‘Bonus Content’


  1. Live From Wembley 2. One Day Remains 3. Live From Amsterdam 4. Blackbird 5. AB 3 6. AB 3.5 7. Fortress


  1. Amsterdam 1 2. Amsterdam 2 3. Wembley 1 4. Wembley 2