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All Hail The Yeti premiere Daughter Of The Morning Star video

All Hail The Yeti promo press photo 2016
All Hail The Yeti

Southern tinged metallers All Hail The Yeti are debuting their new video for Daughter Of The Morning Star exclusively with Metal Hammer.

The song Daughter Of The Morning Star is the first in a three part story that ties in with Before The Flames and After The Great Fire. “The story beings in the late 1400’s with a pagan witch, or white Wiccan woman who lives alone away from a village of Christian puritans,” says frontman Connor Garritty. “They’re scared of her because she’s different and doesn’t follow their ideals. The men from the village plan to get rid of her and hunt her down. They rape her, beat her and leave her for dead. She then transforms and summons the power of the devil and takes revenge on the men and the people of the village.”

Speaking to Hammer about the video, Connor says he wanted to something different to the usual lyric videos and came up with the “old silent film style” you can see above.

“I wanted to find a way to tie the three songs together without making it too obvious, so the female lead role is the same girl in all three videos. There are some props that are continuous as well. It was a blast to shoot because we got to dress in costumes and actually play parts in the video!”

All The Hail The Yeti’s new album Screams From A Black Wilderness is out May 13 in the UK, and out now in the US.