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Alien Ant Farm pay Homage to heroes

Alien Ant Farm have made their new single available to stream.

The band release Homage on September 2 and is their first material to be unveiled as part of a new deal with Executive Music/The End Records.

The song pays tribute to some of Alien Ant Farm’s musical heroes, such as Pixies, The Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson.

Frontman Dryden Mitchell says: “Homage is plain and simply just what the title says – a homage to various artists that have influenced us or at least provided the background to some good times in our lives.

“The song just had this wonderful nostalgic feel before the lyrics even got added, and then it just slammed the point home.

“I really have a special place in my tiny black heart for this big colourful song. Whatever it does on a listener level, I know some folks will get it immediately.”

Alient Ant Farm’s last album was 2006’s Up In The Attic. A new record, Always And Forever, is scheduled for release later this year.

Hear Homage at