Al Jourgensen details Surgical Meth Machine debut

Al Jourgensen’s Surgical Meth Machine will release their self-titled debut album on April 15 via Nuclear Blast.

Jourgensen recorded the project at his home studio in Burbank, California, with longtime engineer Sam D’Ambruoso.

The industrial metal veteran reveals how he has moved on to create new music under a new brand following the 2013 release of Ministry’s final album, From Beer To Eternity.

Jourgensen tells In The Loop magazine: “Guitarist Mikey Scaccia died a couple of years ago, from Ministry, and I just figured, like, nah, it’s time to quit. I don’t want to have John Bonham’s kid playing drums for us and having replacement parts forever – that’s just not my scene. So I figured, ‘All right, let’s stop this. Let’s do some other stuff.’

“I understand it’s not a real commercial project for us, it’s not gonna put bank in my wallet, but it was a lot of fun to do, in the sense of not having the constraints of the expectations of what you’ve done for 20 years.”

He continues: “It’s pretty cool. It sounds kind of like Ministry, but it’s a different level. It’s like I literally just put my foot on the gas pedal for this record.”

The singer is previewing the debut with a lyric video for the lead track Tragic Alert. View it below.

He says: “I hope you enjoy this soundtrack to the New World Order. You should, y’all helped create it.”

Surgical Meth Machine is available for pre-order from Nuclear Blast – including an exclusive version on limited-edition neon pink vinyl.


  1. I’m Sensitive
  2. Tragic Alert
  3. I Want More
  4. Rich People Problems
  5. I Don’t Wanna
  6. Smash And Grab
  7. Unlistenable
  8. Gates Of Steel
  9. Spudnik
  10. Just Go Home
  11. Just Keep Going
  12. I’m Invisible