Airbourne keen on double live record


Airbourne hope to follow-up their next album with an “old school” double live record.

The Australian rockers have just wrapped up a European tour on which they have been recording new ideas on a rig set up on their tour bus. They previously said they hope to release the follow-up to 2013’s Black Dog Barking in the second half of 2015.

Frontman Joel O’Keefe says he wouldn’t entertain the idea of a live album until after the fourth record is out – but he expects it to be an “old school” double set.

He tells GuitarMania: “We thought about recording every gig and just giving it away. But we’ll just fucking keep playing live shows, that’s what we’ll do. Come to the gig. If you want to record it, record it on your phone.

“But recording a live album is something that we will do. Probably on the next tour because we’d have enough material to make a good, solid live double disc.

“That’s what we wanna do, we wanna go old school with our ideas. We don’t wanna do a half-arsed iTunes release. Fuck off, we wanna do double fucking CD or double vinyl because that’s cool. People who like our band like things like that.

“They want to go, ‘I wanna go to the gig, I wanna buy the vinyl, I want the fucking band to sign it and I wanna go home and crank it. Smoke some weed, drink some beers and fucking bang a chick on the couch. That’s what they want to do.”

Meanwhile, Airbourne have pulled out of the FVEY tour in New Zealand due to “unforeseen circumstances.” The Datsuns have been brought in as replacements for the tour, which starts on December 27.