Adrian Belew teases Flux project


Former King Crimson member Adrian Belew has offered a first glimpse at the app which will deliver his Flux musical project.

And he’s explained why it hasn’t been possible until recently to realise his ambition of presenting an experience that differs every time.

He’s revealed a pair of iPhone screengrabs that demonstrate what users will see while they’re listening.

Belew says: “Flux requires an enormous amount of written information, such as my comments about the piece you’re hearing, a story about its background, song lyrics and studio notes.

“At any time while you’re listening, you can tap on the information button an a page like the screenshots will appear. Each time you access the information page it will never look the same.”

Responding to queries as to why his music has to be delivered through an app, he explains: “I’m not much of an app guy myself; but Flux is something that’s never been done before.

“It’s a listening experience, and the only way to make music that’s never the same twice is to use an app. It can’t be done with a CD or a download. I’ve waited all my life to make this music for you – please at least give it a chance.”

Belew recently completed a tour with The Crimson Projekct, following a short stint with Nine Inch Nails that saw him departing before Trent Reznor’s outfit began work in earnest.