Accept go blind again


Accept have launched a second preview video for upcoming album Blind Rage.

The German outfit’s 14th studio record and their third with American frontman Mark Tornillo is set for launch via Nuclear Blast on August 15, postponed from July 18.

Tornillo recently said: “You can expect more of the same, but you can also expect a little more diversity. Some of the songs sound more classic – there are songs when I hear the opening riff I go, ‘That could be on Balls To The Wall.’

“We’re writing to please ourselves and the fans. We’re certainly not going to change direction, but we’re not afraid to step out a bit.”


  1. Stampede

  2. Dying Breed

  3. Dark Side Of My Heart

  4. Fall Of The Empire

  5. Trail Of Tears

  6. Wanna Be Free

  7. 200 Years

  8. Bloodbath Mastermind

  9. From The Ashes We Rise

  10. The Curse

  11. Final Journey