Watch this epic cover of AC/DC's Thunderstruck played on ancient Asian instruments

NiNi Music + ZuiKo
(Image credit: NiNi Music + ZuiKo)

We've heard quite a few many AC/DC's Thunderstruck covers over the years, with the stand-out single from the band's 1990 album The Razors Edge played in all sorts of interpretive ways, including on a stylophone, via a pair of bagpipes, and on traditional Korean instruments. There's been covers by a monk and another by a baby, and it's even been reimagined in styles such as bluegrass, synth-wave and classical.

As the sun rises for a new day, so too does a new Thunderstruck rendition; this one however, might well just be the most enthralling version we've heard yet.

Performed by traditionally-trained musicians NiNi and ZuiKo, both from Taiwan, the cover sees the pair come together to perform on ancient Asian instruments in an epic battle: the Shamisen vs the Sanxian.

The Shamisen is a three-stringed ancient Japanese instrument derived from the Sanxian, a three-stringed traditional Chinese lute. 

In the video, which was funded by the musicians' Patreon members, the duo flex their musical chops as their fingers fly across the instruments, delivering a performance that's fully entrancing from start to finish, complete with atmospheric chanting and vigorous drumming.

Nini has plenty more rock covers under her belt too, with songs by Kiss, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne and more available to watch over on her TikTok channel.

Check out the Thunderstruck cover below:

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