A week dedicated to pizza and metal is coming and we're fully here for it

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Spotting a fellow fan of alternative music while out in the wild is a special moment for any devotee, and it’s usually not hard to recognise when we've come across one of our kind. Maybe they’re wearing a jacket covered in patches, have a bottle of band-branded beer perched in their hands, or perhaps, they can be seen taking a bite from a pentagram-shaped pizza. Okay, the last one might not be so common, but thanks to a group of expert online bakers, we may be about to witness a whole new form of rock and metal worship.

Starting from March 22, Instagram account scratchmadepizza will be hosting a week of themed pizza-making, in “celebration of all things pizza and metal”. Big players across the internet’s pizza community will be gathering to show off their music-inspired creations, with the first bake being a tribute to Iron Maiden, which will be infused with the band’s own Trooper beer.

Content from the 7 days will be hashtagged under #rockpizzaweek, so be sure to stay up to date. For the full lineup of bakers, check out the list below. 

Metal fans are also encouraged to try their hand at their own music-inspired pizzas, so whether you're a total beginner or a regular Papa John, it's time to get stuck in – just be sure to hashtag your pies for full bragging rights. 

Rock Pizza Week

(Image credit: scratchmadepizza)
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