A sneak peek at our WORLD FIRST Slipknot feature

Metal Hammer issue 262 is in stores now and features the one and only Slipknot on the cover in the world's first interview and photoshoot since their return. Want to know what's in store for your lucky eyes? Here's a snippet for you...

“There’s a reason it took four years,” says Corey. “It wasn’t just because we weren’t sure we could do it without Paul. It was, did we want to do it without him? One of the great things about Paul was he just loved playing. He loved his band, he loved everything about it, and he’d get you excited about it. Not having that presence in the studio, which can be a very calming thing, was hard to think about. We knew we didn’t just want to rush in and do something just because we felt we had to or the fans felt we had to; we knew we were gonna take our time and put something together when it felt right. And I’m glad we did – it allowed us to kind of let go of that breath we’d been holding.”

Read the full cover feature in the new issue of Metal Hammer now. We’re sold out in our online store but you can pick it up in shops and download it from iTunes (here if in the US).


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