5FDP stage spat brought them closer together


Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael says he’s embarrassed about May’s stage meltdown involving Ivan Moody and Jeremy Spencer – but insists it’s brought them closer together.

A private argument between the pair became public at a show in Tennessee, with drummer Spencer walking off stage, followed by his bandmates, leaving singer Moody on his own.

Moody later blamed the incident on technical issues, while Spencer said he wasn’t proud of what happened that night. But guitarist Zoltan Bathory said the spat had to happen to avoid a bigger issue further down the line.

Kael tells Metal Wani: “Despite what may have been going on that day, we never want to put that out in front of the fans. Those dudes and girls paid a lot of money to come out and see a show, so that was one very embarrassing day for us.

“We decided that’s never, ever going to happen again – and it shouldn’t have happened in the first goddamn place. But to have that happen, it definitely reinforced the bond that we have, and reminded us of the importance of always being on top of the game.”

Earlier this month 5FDP launched a video for their single Wash It All Away which features on their latest album Got Your Six.

They’re currently on the road across Europe with Papa Roach, and cancelled their show in Strasbourg on Sunday night in light of the terror attacks in Paris.