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5FDP in split rumour after stage fight

Five Finger Death Punch fans fear the band could have split after a double-walkoff in Memphis, Tennessee, last night.

Frontman Ivan Moody was left alone on stage after seeming to kickstart at argument with drummer Jeremy Spencer. Moody referred to the drummer’s book as a band work and added: “That I had nothing to do with.” Spencer left the stage, followed by Zoltan Bathory, Jason Hook and Chris Kael.

Moody then attempted to keep the show going alone. He led the crowd in a vocal-only version of Far From Home and said: “Well, obviously I’e pissed somebody off,” later adding: “Alright, well, my entire band has left.”

He then sat down behind Spencer’s kit and began to count in a song before saying: “That’s not the right song, though, was it?” He jumped into the crowd and posed for selfies, and in response to fans’ calls for the gig to resume, said: “You guys keep telling them that.”

He finally disappeared and nothing happened for around 10 minutes, until 5FDP returned and delivered what’s been described by witnesses as a “forced set” before walking off again and returning again.

Several fans referred to the band’s end via Twitter. One said: “I think I just watched 5FDP split up,” another said: “Five Finger just broke up – this is not a joke,” and another observed: “Holy fucking drama!”

The band haven’t yet made a statement. Their current tour is set to continue tonight in Texas and moves to Europe in May, including a set at the Download festival on June 12.