Yoko Ono 'singing' over Cannibal Corpse is the weirdest thing you'll see today

Yoko Ono

Any metalhead worth their studs know just how great Cannibal Corpse are, and their debut single Hammer Smashed Face is one of the best-known songs in all of death metal. Seriously, if you ask your mum what her favourite death metal track is we bet she says “That would be Hammer Smashed Face, the opening track to 1992’s Tomb Of The Mutilated. Would you like a cup of tea?”

There have been many interpretations of Cannibal Corpse over the years – from ukulele covers to Disney reimaginings – but none have been as downright odd as this ‘cover’.

YouTuber Pluffnub has mixed Yoko Ono (a live performance of Voice Piece For Soprano from 2010 at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York) with the Hammer Smashed Face instrumental and it’s truly bizarre. Yoko’s inane warblings are way more sinister than Corpsegrinder’s signature bellow. It’s either the greatest or worst piece of audio we have ever heard. Is this it now? Have we completed music?

Find out for yourself.

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