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Why I love John Wetton, by Pallbearer's Joseph D Rowland

a portrait of john wetton
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He was such an emotive player. He played around with the rhythm so much and was a true master of being able to begin as hard as he could and then fall back to a lighter, pianissimo sort of dynamic. So much of the lyrics and tonality of King Crimson’s music was bitter cynicism and I think his playing imbued that too.

Now I have an all-white P Bass – that’s my John Wetton tribute. I thought it looked really badass and it might give me a little bit of his magic. I told the guy who makes my pickups to reference the three King Crimson records that he was on too.

Camel are another huge influence, Pink Floyd, Magma, Amon Düül… I saw Gong earlier this year which was absolutely mind-blowing as well, but I can’t honestly think of any other musician in the prog realm who played such a key role in as many bands as John Wetton did. He’s gone down in history as a really hardworking musician who always did incredible work.”

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