What the world of rock and metal is saying on UK election day

Polling Station
(Image: © Pixabay)

It’s here guys, today is the day, the day of the General Election. Called in a surprise decision by Prime Minister Theresa May on April 18, the political landscape of the UK has become more polarised than ever, with all three of the main parties hammering home their manifestos and pledges.

At the time of writing there are just under seven hours left to cast your vote and make your voice heard in one of the most important elections in British history. Millions of people have registered to vote since April, including a huge number of young people, which could have a dramatic effect on the results coming in overnight.

Of course this has sent social media into overdrive with echo chambers ringing out across the internet. Here’s what some of the biggest and best names in rock music are saying before the results are revealed.

Still undecided? You have until 10pm GMT to cast your vote. It’s not too late to read up on some policies, decide what you think is best for our society and cast your vote. Get the fuck out there.


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