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Watch Sumo Cyco’s Guide To Carving A Halloween Pumpkin

Sumo Cyco’s Sever and Thor with Halloween pumpkins
Sumo Cyco: master pumpkin carvers

Halloween means many things. Ghosts. Ghouls. Vampires. Annoying brats from down the street knocking on your door to beg for money.

But more than anything else, it means carving elaborate, amusing or downright weird things into pumpkins and leaving them in your window to impress the neighbours.

But what if you’ve never carved a pumpkin in your life? Fear not, because Canadian pop-punks Sumo Cyco are here to show you how. Singer Sever and bassist Ken ‘Thor’ Corke are clearly dab hands with a knife, as their handiwork shows. Watch as they transform these hapless gourds into (almost) lifelike faces, complete with vomiting mouths. All of that without spilling a drop of blood.

Now it’s your turn. Just be careful with that knife

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