UK black metallers Crimson Throne unveil an enthralling new track

Crimson Throne promo pic 2018

If you feel black metal’s been losing some of its unbidden, otherworldly lustre of late, if that Thing That Should Not Be actually has been hasn't actually been, due to over-production, by-rote albums or the awareness of the vast, baleful Void being replaced by an air of general wistfulness, then the emergence of UK’s Crimson Thone is a timely reminder that all is not lost.

Steeped in that all-important, soul-staining atmosphere, but without any sense that they wished all the clocks stopped on May 24, 1994, the shadowy unit’s debut album, Of Void & Solitude - due for release on October 19 via Apocalyptic Witchcraft - may have bitter ice running through its veins, but there’s an awareness of devastation-wreaking dynamics and willingness to lurch into expansive territories that both scratch an inflamed itch and suggest there are yet new realms in which to trespass.

If you want a taste of what’s in store, we have an exclusive preview in the hair-raising from of album track, Indignant Slumber, along with an accompanying… let’s say mystique-steeped video - the song itself is a pilgrimage into Hades whose claw-tightening riffs also carry an emotional charge and sense of awe you’ll only experience on the most left-hand of paths.

“Whilst the visual accompaniment is taken from filmed footage from the band’s tour with Coltsblood and From The Bogs Of Aughiska in August this year,” says a band spokebeast, “the track itself is based on and written about Opioids and the vast range of their effects and use spanning across mankind’s history – including conflicts such as the first and second Opium Wars, generalised abuse and their medical applications.”

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, and enter the foreboding yet spine-tingling realms of Indignant Slumber below!

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And pre-order Of Void & Silence via Bandcamp or the Apocalyptic Witchcraft store!

Crimson Throne - Of Void & Silence album cover, 2018

Jonathan Selzer

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