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Pierce The Veil Vic Fuentes
Pierce The Veil
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“There are two means of refuge from the misery of life — music and cats,” wrote the philosopher Albert Schweitzer. And this was decades before YouTube.

As usual, cats have yet to make a meaningful contribution to our weekly selection of new music. But forget those guys. This isn’t about them.

Listen, enjoy and comment below…

GONE IS GONE – Violescent
The term supergroup is bandied about far too often these days. As soon as two people from established bands – no matter how big or small – come together to work on a new project, you can hear people begin to make an ’s’ sound like a snake. But in the case of Gone Is Gone, we’ll let it pass. Consisting of Mastodon frontman Troy Sanders, At The Drive-In drummer Tony Hajjar, Queens Of The Stone Age/Failure guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, and video game soundtrack composer Mike Zarin, it’s no surprise that this is one intense slab of monolithic metal designed to turn your eardrums to pâté.

A decade after forming in San Diego, cap enthusiasts Pierce The Veil are about to release their fourth album, Misdaventures. Pop and rock in equal measure, this newie hurtles by at breakneck speed and with most Pierce The Veil songs, it’ll have taken up residence in your brain before you even realise it. Sneaky.

MEGADETH – Poisonous Shadows (live)
Have you ever had an overwhelming urge to stand on stage while Megadeth play and spin around like a silly goose? This 360 degree video of the band performing Poisonous Shadows allows you to position the camera however you want, meaning you can gawp at Dave Mustaine’s Aslan-like mane from any angle you desire. Thank you, technology. Oh, and the track’s brilliant, too.

UNITED FRUIT – Where The Sun Beats Down
Glasgow quartet United Fruit are gearing up to release their second album Eternal Return next month. Where The Sun Beats Down swells and clatters like …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead while Billy Corgan bangs impatiently on the door with a heavy parcel marked ‘Massive Chorus’.

BEARTOOTH – Aggressive
It probably goes without saying that Aggressive, Beartooth’s new album, very much lives up to its title, as does its belligerent title track. Full of rage like a bare-footed man standing on a piece of Lego, the song is a hard-hitting barrage of metalcore, but is also tempered with a melodic edge that helps exorcise frontman Caleb Shomo’s innermost demons.

GOJIRA – Stranded
France’s premier metal outfit Gojira have released a really creepy video for new song Stranded. Centred around an exorcism, it’s full of blood and flames and special effects that give The Exorcist a run for its money, minus all that business with the crucifix. Taken from their forthcoming sixth record, Magma, it’s an appropriately evil-sounding song full of doom-laden riffs. Très bien!