TR+ Singles Club: Chon

chon singles club

TR+ Single Club returns with the exuberant sun-kissed prog of California’s CHON.

Formed in San Diego in 2008, CHON are a (mostly instrumental) four-piece that-

Hang on a minute! Where have you been? There hasn’t been a Singles Club for two weeks now!

Uh, yeah. Sorry about that. Last week we launched TeamRock Radio and it took up all our time. But we’ll make it up to you: expect some bonus Singles Clubs this week.

OK then. So. CHON.

CHON are borne out of the math-rock scene – intense, complex music that draws as much from punk’s contrary fuck-youse-all attitude as it does from prog’s artier contrary and virtuosic refusal to be contained.

So it’s chin-stroking music for guitar players and hipsters?

I’m sure that’s been leveled at them. They’ve toured with Animals As Leaders, Periphery and Sikth, and their new album has been produced by Eric Palmquist (Thrice, The Mars Volta, Mutemath, Bad Suns etc). But actually they’re a lot more fun than all that might suggest. Second album Homey features dreamy hip-hop amidst the ridiculously complex guitar lines, while tracks like this week’s download, Waterslide, is a lesson in how to make instrumental rock fun. Stoke your chin if you want, we’ll be cracking open the beers.

You had me at the skateboarding dog. What do I do again?

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For more info on CHON, visit their website or follow them on Facebook. Homey is out now.

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