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Tour Diary: Venom Prison

Venom Prison singer Larissa holding Barney the dog
Larissa with Barney The Dog

This past October, UK death metal upstarts Venom Prison toured Europe with blackened hardcore heavyweights Trap Them and nihilist sludgelords Okkultokrati for two weeks of deafening madness. Taking in the UK, France, Holland and Switzerland, it was a non-stop ride around the continent, laying waste to every venue possible.

To give us a taste of what it’s like to trek across Europe in a van, taking in everything from fluffy dogs to ‘brothel rooms’ to some of the biggest waterfalls we’ve ever seen, Venom Prison sent us some photos for a tour diary that you can check out below! Postcards are so not metal.

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Here is our merch guy Zac at Bloodshed Fest in Holland. It was a busy day.

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St Catharina Church was right next to the venue in Eindhoven, and displays bones and skeletons that were found there recently. Pretty metal.

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Get food and sleep whenever (and wherever) you can. This was on the ferry on the way over to the UK.

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Cigarette break, get your smoke on. No smoking in the van!

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Time to kill, stuff to see.

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Switzerland was cold but beatiful.

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Rhine Falls, Switzerland.

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Trap Them, Okkultokrati and Venom Prison all together for one last photo. It was a pleasure touring with these guys.

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The biker mice from Mars.

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You find some weird things on tour.

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We slept with this.

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Rock up to your sleeping place with a ghetto blaster!

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The Oslo troll.

Venom Prison’s debut album Animus is out now.

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