The Top 10 best horror video games

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Hey, Max Portnoy, drummer of the band Tallah, here to talk a bit about some of my favorite horror video games. One of my favorite things to do besides playing music is playing video games, and horror games are something I've always enjoyed. A lot of my work is horror inspired. I've directed and edited a couple of Tallah's music videos at this point, along with all our teasers and I draw a ton of inspiration from the horror games I've played over the years. I think I actually prefer horror games to horror movies at this point. They feel very immersive and really draw you in for a good scare more than other forms of horror content. Anyway, let's get into some of my top picks in the horror video game genre!

Tallah’s debut album, Matriphagy, is released on October 2

1. Outlast

Outlast is definitely my favorite horror game that I've ever played. I love the storyline and the characters involved. The whole game just builds up suspense the entire time and I love the fucked up situations that occur, for example, the whole section with Trager is probably one of my favorites of any video game. The character is so memorable and the sequence of events are so iconic. I also really like the mechanic of using a camcorder on and off for night vision in certain sections, and the use of battery power adds another layer of concern to an already stressful game. 

2. Alien Isolation

As a big Alien fan, this game was amazing for me. It's got a similar vibe to Outlast in terms of gameplay but I'm just obsessed with Xenomoprhs and the Alien franchise so I was totally stoked on it. The sci-fi horror theme is one of my all time favorites, and this game just nails it perfectly in my opinions. You really feel in danger and helpless in this game with the Alien running at you, even if you have a flamethrower in your hands haha. 

3. Left 4 Dead 2

Now, I wouldn't exactly consider Left 4 Dead 2 a scary game, but it falls under the horror genre and it's one of my all time favorite games in general. The characters are great and memorable, and I especially love how each different special infected has their own personality and their own piano theme that plays for each one. I've been dying and hoping for a third Left 4 Dead game, but it doesnt seem like Valve really wants to put one together, but thankfully, L4D2 has enough replayability to keep me happy in the meantime. Plus the loads of community made content helps keep things fresh. 

4. Slenderman

I know it’s definitely not the scariest game around but I feel like it's a classic, and I'm talking about the OG indie version that you'd download from a web browser. There's a certain charm to it that is just overall creepy, and I love the aesthetic of the whole thing. I'm sure people have noticed with the scribble papers we use in the Tallah artwork.

5. SCP Containment Breach

This is a classic that I used to play with my friends all the time years ago. There's something about indie horror games that is creepier to me as opposed to a game from a big name studio. SCP-173 is definitely my favorite, because I feel like the concept behind it is unique and has a different playstyle from other games. 

6. Outlast: Whistleblower

I realize this is a DLC of the original Outlast game, but I feel like it stands on it's own. I love the fact that you can see easter eggs and references to the original game/storyline that is happening at the same time. The whole Eddie Gluskin/The Groom scene is totally fucked up and sick too, which I loved. Gave me strong Trager vibes from the original game. 

7. Amnesia

This is probably the first horror game I got into at a younger age. I was introduced to it years back from watching PewDiePie videos in like 2010 haha. It's totally a classic though and the unlimited amounts of maps and stories sets it apart from others. 

8. Devotion

Really cool and fun game that I'd reccomend to other horror game lovers. I love the aesthetic and playstyle. One of the best horror games to come out fairly recently, and I really enjoyed the incorporation of puzzle type elements to the game. It gave the game a bit more layers to it rather than just being a straight up one dimensional scary game like some others. 

9. Dead Space

Another classic survival horror game. Like I was saying earlier, the sci-fi horror theme is one of my favorites, and this game does a great job of nailing it. Definitely a go to game for others who love that theme and aesthetic.

10. Resident Evil 3

Alot of people were probably expecting one of the Resident Evil games to make its way into my list, and here it is. I'm a huge fan of anything zombie related (Shaun Of The Dead is my second favorite movie of all time) so of course I'd love a game series involving a zombie apocalypse. I had been excited for a new Resident Evil game for a bit and really dug this newest one, and for anyone who likes the series, you should totally give it play


Matriphagy is the debut album from fast-rising nu-core stars Tallah, who are updating nu metal and hardcore for the 2020s. It features the singles The Silo, L.E.D., Overconfidence and Too Quick To Grieve