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Watch Tallah tear nu-metal a new one on monstrously heavy new single Placenta

(Image credit: Earache)

When we say the most exciting sound of 2020 is nu metal, we're not kidding. And self-proclaimed nu-core upstarts Tallah are leading the charge.

The US band, fronted by YouTube star Justin Bonitz and featuring drummer Max ‘Son Of Mike’ Portnoy, have just dropped their monstrously heavy new single, Placenta - and you can watch the video here first.

According to Bonitz, the song is about cutting the umbilical cord that holds you back from doing what you want to do and being yourself.

"Too many people fit themselves into the mold," says the singer. "Heck, there are people who think they are being ‘unique’, but in reality, that ‘uniqueness’ is just another mold, part of another small community, and I am sick of the pride and delusion.

“I am tired of seeing people give in to the desires and comforts of others. It is time to cut the fucking cord and be your own person with your own beliefs, own goals, own dreams!"

Placenta is taking from Tallah’s upcoming debut album, Matriphagy, released on October 2 via Earache. You can check it out below, along with a separate video of the band explaining the concept behind the album.