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The 10 Most Popular Stories On Metal Hammer Last Week

While you were busy debating which member of the Suicide Squad to dress as for Halloween, we’ve been keeping the world of metal afloat with quality news and features you all. Here’s what you missed while applying another layer of face paint…

What happens when goths grow up?

Rock fans die in club explosion

Limp Bizkit: "We Got too Big, The Label Milked Us, We Fell Apart..."

Corey Taylor slaps WWE Superstar in the face

Watch Slipknot's Jay Weinberg's drumcam

Listen to the new Puscifer album in full

Doro: Lemmy pub session almost cost me my career

Pope Francis releases rock album

Why Maynard James Keenan Would Rather Make Wine Than A New Tool Album

Why Eddie Is The Most Important Member Of Iron Maiden