Black metal diabolists Endezzma kick open the doors of perception on new song Anomalious Abomination

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Just a hunch, but if you’re feeling some level of anxiety right now, or a sense that huge events are swirling beyond your control, help – or catharsis at the very least – is on hand, with the premiere of a blistering yet magisterial new video from Hønefoss, Norway’s black metal five-piece, Endezzma.

Formed from the ashes of cult band Dim Nagel in 2005, and originally featuring Urgehal’s late guitarist/bassist Trondr Nefas in their line-up, Endezzma have kept their belligerent, battering-ram dynamics as a constant whilst steadily refining the epic undertow that rose up through their 2007 debut EP, Alone.

With their third album, The Archer, Fjord And The Thunder, due for release on January 22 via Dark Essence records, Endezzma are launching an early warning shot in the form of a video for the track, Anomalious Abomination. Mixing thrilling performance footage from ‘A haunted location in Norway’ with blood and fire rituals, it’s a short, sharp and timely shock to the system that rampages through your nervous system like an electrical charge whilst sounding like it’s channelled by a vast storm above.

Steeped in old-school fury but sonically state-of-the-art, reaching Behemoth levels of fervent precision yet able to cast the kind of baleful, twilit atmospheres that hover over much of Watain’s missives, Anomalious Abomination is a thrilling herald for the full-length to come.

Anomalious Abomination is the first video from The Archer, Fjord And The Thunder's dark infernal paradise,” says frontman Morten Shax. “The music and track itself as well the visuals of the video is a rabid, fierce and infernal bestial ‘kick off’ to the Archer’s mythical universe of perseverance, liberation and progress. This video is the first in a trinity of collaborations with the brilliant, artistic and mephistophelic video director Guilherme Henriques and his way of working out the inner energy of the band. Let’s open the doors:

The law of the house celebrates death

The law of the house celebrates wild flesh on fire

Follow the archer’s arrow

Through the haze and the heart of your desire”

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Jonathan Selzer

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