Nordic black metal champions Kampfar reveal their spectacular new video

Still from Kampfar's Tornekratt video, 2016

One of the true bastions of Norwegian black metal, Kampfar have never been ones to rest on their laurels. The thematic trilogy of albums that began with Mare in 2011, continued with Djevelmakt in 2014 and concluded with last year’s charged yet expansive paean to the end of existence, Profan, proved how much you can broaden black metal’s horizons while still channelling its turbulent, mythic core.

Having already produced one eyeball-frying video from Profan, for the track Daimon, Kampfar have upped the stakes even higher with a new, apocalyptically spectacular video for the track Tornekratt. A nightmare vision of the end of the world featuring a vast demon wielding a fiery whip over the last remnants of humanity, a grotesque take on the last supper, monolithic hooded deities serving judgement and all manner of cinematic suffering, Tornekratt sets a new standard for visual splendour. The track itself is equally immense: a bleak, mesmerising anthem whose mid-paced riffs feel like the last layers of the earth’s atmosphere catching fire.

Tornekratt is the song that draws a line under the story ark that started with the title track of the Mare album,” says Kampfar frontman Dolk. “This is where it ends, this is where the bastards and corrupt souls of the world get their comeuppance. Shaped by the minds of the people behind Krakow, Poland’s Red Pig Productions, this video again pushes the boundaries of what can be done in the underground of the black metal scene. Riksregistrantene eier dere alle!”

Gaze into the crystal ball and marvel at the monumental horror that is Tornekratt below!

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Jonathan Selzer

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