My 10 favourite Iron Maiden songs – by Lovebites’ Miho

Proving that Iron Maiden’s influence crosses continents and generations, new Japanese metal sensations Lovebites cite the British legends as a huge inspiration on their music. Bassist Miho reveals the top 10 Maiden songs that have had the biggest influence on her.

1. Hallowed Be Thy Name

I’m drawn to the dramatic world created in this song. From its dark opening to its fast finale, the way it builds up and marches forward with those wonderful riffs that thunder on – it’s just perfection, a masterpiece. I can’t help myself, when I hear it I have to stop what I’m doing and play along.

2. The Evil That Men Do

Another great song from beginning to end. The guitar emits so much emotion throughout, especially in the outro. I love the chorus too, it’s one of the song’s many charms. I can feel the strength of all three songwriters in this track.

3. Prowler

I’m not exaggerating when I say my love for heavy metal began with this song. I can’t forget the impact this had on me the first time I heard it. The wah intro, the runaway-speed of the guitar solo in the middle, ahhh it's all so irresistible to me. The there’s Paul Di’Anno spitting out the vocals on top – it’s a masterpiece.

4. The Trooper

There shouldn’t be too many objections on the opinion that this is the song that represents Iron Maiden. It's got the killer twin guitar intro, the frantic and melodic chorus and that galloping rhythm that I subliminally associate with Iron Maiden whenever I hear something similar. My songwriting and bass playing has been greatly influenced by this song.

5. 2 Minutes To Midnight

It’s impossible to listen to this one and not sing the chorus! Riffs set the pace here in a way Iron Maiden are so great at. I can’t get enough of that second verse too.

6. Purgatory

Despite being one of Iron Maiden’s fastest tracks, Purgatory manages to be tremendously melodic, powerful and full of dramatic progression that’s out of this world. The lyric “please take me away…” matches the song perfectly and makes me want to singalong. The high-speed guitar unison is also most excellent.

7. Fear of the Dark

The development of contrast in this song is fantastic, as is the expressive power of Bruce Dickinson’s vocal. There’s a melancholic darkness drifting its way through the song’s story. When I first heard it it drew me in and captivated me to the very end. I thought this song was perfection but it reaches a whole other level of perfection when performed live and there’s a huge crowd singing it back.

8. Futureal

This is my favourite song from the Blaze Bayley era, it matches his singing style great, don’t you think? The intro and chorus riffs get stuck in my head each time I listen. I like debating about Iron Maiden’s vocalists through the years, each one brings their own charm to the band. I’m happy they’re all still active. 

9. Iron Maiden

You can’t have an Iron Maiden show without this on the set list! The verse and chorus are repeated three times, yet despite being a relatively simple configuration, the way those guitars overlap and the riffs expand keep me coming back to this one for more. The guitar solo and bass solos give me goosebumps and force me to hit the repeat button.

10. Only The Good Die Young

Straight from the get go this song makes me want to run. Then there’s that galloping bass solo, followed by guitar solo and then right into the main riff again. It’s magic. I thought this was a great closer for Seventh Son of the Seventh Son album, and I like the way it returns to the lyrics of the album’s opening song Moonchild at the end.

Lovebites’ new album Clockwork Immortality is out now