Metz are back with the chaotic noise-rock anthem of the summer

A press shot of Metz
(Image credit: Sub Pop)

Canadian noise-rockers Metz were quick to make a name for themselves when they exploded into Ottawa's underground scene in 2008. Relentless and raw, their sound capitalised on what had made punk-rock exciting first time around while sneaking in the odd honeyed hook and soaring chorus. Signed to Seattle's infamous Sub Pop label in 2012, they joined a section of the roster ensuring the label's future was to be just as noisy as its past.

Eight years later, things have moved on. Metz are one of those bands who've morphed slightly with every album they've released. Having just announced their fourth album, Atlas Vending, the band state they've "grown in a natural and gradual way" to develop a sound which is more honest, more patient. 

As much can be heard in the album's lead single, A Boat To Drown In. While musically it might still make you feel like flipping over a table, it also takes time to reflect rather than just make a racket. It's explorative, introspective and a complete rager. It's punk rock for people with a newfound dependency on the Headspace app.

“[The track is] about leaving a bad situation behind," says guitarist/vocalist Alex Edkins. "About overcoming obstacles that once held you back, rising above, and looking to a better future. 

"The title refers to immersing yourself fully into what you love and using it as a sanctuary from negativity and a catalyst for change."

The single comes complete with a sprawling promo video that throws itself deep into a world of confusing, unlikely love affairs, psychosis and mood-altering medication. Thematically, it's quite a leap from the triumphant tone of the single. Director Tony Wolski explains: "The song has a beautiful, crushing numbness to it that we wanted to mirror in the visual. So we chose to romanticise our main character's descent into her delusions of love and togetherness. 

"At a time when everyone’s simultaneously coping with some sort of isolation, a story about loneliness – and the mania that comes with it – seems appropriate to tell."

Check out the video for A Boat To Drown In below. Atlas Vending will be released via Sub Pop on September 9 and is available to preorder now.

Briony Edwards

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