Three men have parodied Korn in this video and it's brilliant

Check out this brilliant Korn parody

When Korn arrived in 1994 – back in the days when you spelled it like KoЯn or face the wrath of their fans – they immediately stood out from the pack. If you heard them at a rock club or on a rock radio show, you knew who it was before the second note was played.

London-based guitarist Pete Cottrell as teamed up with fellow YouTubers Leo Moracchioli and Samus Paulicelli. Between the trio (Moracchioli pulls double duty on bass and vocals), they’ve managed to distill the very essence of the Bakersfield band into a minute-long parody video. But don’t think they’re taking the piss for the very sake of it, mind.

“I kinda see these In A Nutshell videos as a Comedy Roast of one of my favourite bands and there’s no hate here – only love,” writes Cottrell, who’s clearly anticipating a war with an army of keyboard warriors.

This 60-second video ticks all the Korn boxes you’d expect: the throbbing bass, that guitar tone, Jonathan Davis’ seething vocal style and, of course, an Adidas tracksuit.

While there’s one glaring omission – Jonathan Davis’ wheezing bagpipes – they’ve even thrown in a bit of Skrillex as a nod to the band’s 2011 album The Path of Totality.

One question remains. Arrrrrree yoooooooou reaaaaaaaaaaady?