Fad Gadgets: Bean Bag Guitar Stand, Voxarray keyboard, Beosound wireless speaker

Voxarray 61 keyboard system

Voxarray 61

Love Hultén is a Swedish craftsman who creates made-to-order pieces rooted in retro design. The Voxarray 61 looks as if it’s been transported from a 1970s furniture catalogue. It’s made of ash, contains a MIDI keyboard, a piano module, effects and a Sennheiser microphone, and it’s by far the most beautiful instrument I’ve seen this year. Annoyingly, he’s only made one of them. And you can’t buy it. All you can do is look at the picture and wish it was yours.

For more, see Love Hultén’s website.

Bean Bag Guitar Stand

There are more guitars in this world than there are guitar stands. One inevitable consequence of this is guitars being leant up against the edges of tables, pianos and amplifiers; the second is said guitars sliding sideways and onto the floor. This simple little invention – just a beanbag with a semi-circle cut out – rests on the edge of the table, you put your guitar in the gap, and it slides nowhere. It’s hard to believe that it hasn’t been thought of before. It’s currently being funded on Kickstarter.

For more, see the Hammer Jammer website

Beosound 1

There’s a reassuring feel to the name Bang & Olufsen, the knowledge that you might well be spending a fortune but
it’s going to sound reasonably special. These portable wireless speakers made a splash at IFA, the Berlin trade show for consumer electronics: 16 hours of battery life, support for Google Cast and AirPlay, integrated access to Spotify, Deezer et al, and 360- degree sound, all for just under £1,000. Some say it’s inspired by a Dalek; I can’t help thinking of a high-end vacuum flask.

For more, see Bang & Olufsen’s website

Rhodri Marsden