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Elementary school choir covers Iron Maiden's Fear Of The Dark

Serbian school choir

You might remember Jovana Obradović and her elementary school choir from their cover of Manowar’s Heart Of Steel last year, but now the kids are back with a rendition of Iron Maiden’s anthem Fear Of The Dark.

Joined by three guitarists, a pianist and a percussionist (from RocHoir Kids), the scores of children standing all in white belting out Bruce Dickinson’s operatic lyrics is chilling, like something from Children Of the Corn. Imagine it was dark outside and 30-odd kids all dressed the same walking towards you going “Oooooohhhhhoooohhhhhh” – you would poo your pants.

Of course, for everything that’s great on the internet, there has to be something awful, so if you want to hear Fear Of The Dark ruined by recorders then now’s your chance.

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